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Floating Deck: Ideas That Can Get You Started

Floating Deck

A floating deck is an ideal option if you want a spot to unwind, dine, or entertain that blends in with your yard. Low-lying decks are a great addition to your yard and are simple to construct.

1) What Is It?

A floating deck that is not attached to a home or other building floats directly over the floor ground without the need of for steps or other supports. Unlike the usual back deck off a family room, floating decks are not attached to a house. Additionally, floating decks frequently don't need building permits because they are detachable and low to the ground. But it's crucial to check your local laws and obtain a permission if necessary before you start building.

2) The ability to construct a freestanding deck anywhere is its strongest feature. Here are a few places to get you started:

- Within a tree's shadow

- Next to a pond

- On a hill's summit

- Near a lake

Here are several floating deck ideas to get you motivated

Pergola-enclosed Floating Deck

Your deck will be shaded by a pergola during the day and will have a place to hang lights at night.

Deck on the Water with Skirting

Attach trim and skirts to the outside of your deck for aesthetic appeal and to keep animals from building nests underneath. You can construct a skirted floating deck measuring 10 by 12 feet in just one weekend.

Install a Fence for Privacy

Consider installing a protective cover to your floating deck if you want some distance from your neighbours. For a very easy privacy screen, use a pre-made lattice or make your own. If you feel like you still need more seclusion, you can put pre-made fence panels on the sides of your deck.

Make Room for a Hammock

Add a little floating deck with a hammock on it to pass the time outside. The deck allows you the opportunity to add some plants, a flat area for a hammock, and perhaps even space for a side table where you can lay a drink of sweet tea.

Include a Campfire

With the addition of a firepit, use your floating deck all year long. This floating deck will make you toasty on chilly winter nights as you look up at the stars, whether it is constructed around the pit.

On your standalone deck, take advantage of outdoor living at its finest. A floating deck provides the ideal outdoor space for family members and friends to gather, whether it is just off the patio or in the backyard. Looking for exterior home renovations in Central Alberta? Connect with us.


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