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Top 5 Walk-in Shower Questions From Homeowners

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Walk-in Shower

Walk-in showers are a popular bathroom makeover option. They are large, easy to reach, convenient to clean, and trendy. A walk-in shower is also considerably easier to enter and exit for people who want to live in a place well into their senior years. However, if you're like most homeowners, you're undoubtedly concerned about how a walk-in shower would fit in your house.

Here are the top four questions regarding walk-in showers from clients.

1) Is It Possible to Put a Walk-In Shower in a Tiny Bathroom?

It's a frequent misperception that walk-in showers necessitate large bathrooms. However, this is not the case. Even the smallest bathrooms can fit walk-in showers, but you should really be willing to go with an open design. Another alternative is to remove your tub and replace it with a bigger shower. While installing a walk-in shower in a large bathroom is unquestionably easier, there are choices for tiny bathrooms as well.

2) Will My Shower Remain Warm and Cozy?

Glass covers retain the heat and steam in, allowing you to enjoy hot showers. Unlike closed enclosures, walk-in showers are open, heat disappears, resulting in cooler showers. To ensure your morning showers hot and comfortable, you have two options: install heated flooring or go with a half-way open shower system.

3) Are There Any More Possibilities for the Walls Except Tile?

Another widely held belief is that walk-in showers should be tiled. While tile is an attractive option, there are others. To achieve a high-end, opulent look, laminated shower wall panels, glossy panels, and decorative stone wall panels can all be employed. These solutions are also affordable, making them an ideal choice for a low-budget bathroom remodel.

4) Isn't It Possible That Water Will Get on My Bathroom Floor?

You can avoid puddles on your bathroom floor with proper preparation. This is critical to consider since standing water is a source of danger and may cause substantial harm to your walls and flooring if it occurs again. Hire an expert. They will prevent this by properly pre-sloping and waterproofing the area before constructing the shower base.

By utilizing the right faucet, you may also prevent excess water from escaping the shower. Flexible rain heads aimed down at your head are the greatest choice for walk-in showers since they keep water from pouring over your floor.

5) What Can I Do to Make My Walk-In Shower More Private?

There are a few things you can do to make your walk-in shower more private. In place of a large aperture, consider a shower screen with an opaque glass. You could also go with a glass block wave design. This provides you with some seclusion while keeping the bathroom light and airy.

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