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Why You Should Renovate Your Bathroom Venting Before Winter

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Fall is here, and soon the snowy season will be upon us. Most of you have must have already started gearing up for the winter. While you tick mark every single pointer in your winter home maintenance checklist, have you checked your home’s ventilation system? Your ventilation system is of extreme importance during the winter. This is because you and your family will be spending most of the indoors during the snowy season.

Hence, it is important you change your HVAC system filters and ensure all your vents are clear and in good working condition. You want to ensure that the air your children are breathing is safe. Your bathroom venting system plays also plays a significant role in ensuring proper air flow in your house. Therefore, it is highly recommended to get your bathroom venting system renovated by a good Alberta home renovator.

Here are a few more reasons why you need to renovate your bathroom venting before the winter:

1) Energy Efficiency

One major reason why you should consider renovating your bathroom venting system is to ensure it is energy efficient. You can also get energy efficient fans installed for your bathroom to avoid high power bills. This will lead to increased savings and improved efficiency of your bathroom exhaust fan.

2) Improved Indoor Air Quality

The main function of your bathroom venting system is to provide good air circulation inside your home. It helps remove all kinds of odors from your bathroom so that you can breathe easy. Your bathroom vents also help get rid of moisture which comes from the steam in your shower and pipes. It is also important to eliminate moisture from this area to avoid structural damage and mildew growth in the bathroom.

3) Airflow Rate

To check the airflow rate in your bathroom, we recommend you consult a renowned Alberta home renovator. There is a stipulated amount of air that needs to be exhausted. For example, for bathrooms which are less than 100 square feet, a minimum of one cubic foot per minute needs to be vented for every square foot of the bathroom area. For bathrooms which are more than 100 square foot in area, the exhaust metrics are determined by the number of bathroom fixtures. Your home renovator will inspect your bathroom and then recommend a suitable venting system.

4) Sound Level

A lot of people avoid turning on their bathroom exhaust fans because of the noise. During winter, the environment is so silent that even a pin drop can be heard clearly. So it comes as no surprise that people avoid using their loud bathroom exhaust fans during the cold season. Renovating your bathroom venting system will give you a chance to replace your noisy exhaust fans with a quiet alternative and let you maintain good airflow at your home.

So here were our top 4 reasons to include bathroom venting in your winter home maintenance checklist. If you are on the lookout for home renovators to do the job, then get in touch with our executives at ACT Home Services today.


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