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Backyard Deck Ideas On A Budget

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Home exteriors and outdoor spaces can be transformed into stylish and trendy retreat options. But, is a limited budget holding you back from customizing your outdoor space? As home renovation contractors, we have helped clients turn their decks into a stylish space regardless of their budget. With these options given below for flooring and railing styles and color combinations for different sized deck spaces, you can transform the area into a trendy place with minimum expenditure.

Flooring Options

Flooring is the central element of a deck. Parties, barbecues, social events, or some ‘me’ time can be escalated by different yet stylish flooring styles. While a flooring style should be wisely opted for during the initial deck construction, these options can be extended to remodeling an existing deck under a budget. Wood paneled flooring can be replaced with composite wood decking. Composite wood offers many advantages over conventional wood in terms of maintenance, accessibility, fire and decay resistance, and cost. A wooden paneling costs around $25 per square feet, whereas a composite wood paneling will cost you around $15- $20 for the same area.

Railing Options

Like flooring, railings also add a factor of style to the overall aesthetics of your deck. You can drop the conventional railing options for some inexpensive ‘Do-It-Yourself’ options with materials and leftovers available after construction or renovation. Extra pallets leftover from home construction, or purchased at low prices from thrift stores or carpenter shops, can be installed as the spindles instead of the regular ones. The natural shape and look of the wood gives a rustic feel to the deck. If you have a huge garden in your backyard, you can also gather the branches of trees or logs to create a custom railing style with industrial glue. Alternatively, you can contact a deck construction service to help you create a customized deck at low budget.

Color Combinations

Planned color combinations or themed palettes can up the sophistication of the deck within your budget. Going for a monochrome setting and then revamping the visual effect with colorful accessories fits in the bill perfectly. Opt for colorful furniture that contrasts with the color of your deck. You can also paint the walls or the deck frame with a peppy color.  Additionally, you can opt for multi-colored seating arrangement with rugs, cushions, carpets, and colorful lighting to spice up the feel of your deck at minimum expenses. For example, a gray or a dark wood flooring can be complemented with bright light settings and warm colored accessories.

Other makeover options for a budget deck construction include adding elements like rugs, carpets, and blankets, experimenting with lighting options like fairy lights and dollar-store lamps, building custom furniture from leftover wood, and recycling old items from the house. You can read here for some more deck redesigning ideas. If you wish to remodel your deck, then you can contact us here.


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