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How To Make Your Deck Last?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Are you dreading the hectic and backbreaking task of your deck construction or renovation? With regular maintenance and cleaning, you can increase the functional lifespan of your home deck. Follow these tips to make your deck last longer.

Choose a Quality Material Beforehand

The kind of material you choose for a deck can be a deciding factor for the deck’s longevity and durability. Understand that your deck will experience a lot of foot traffic and wear-and-tear from day one. Therefore, choosing a resistant and sturdy material which can withstand the daily impact is necessary. If you look at the materials available in the market, pressure treated lumber can survive for about 15-20 years with proper maintenance. On the other hand, both, composite as well as vinyl decks can survive for anywhere between 20-35 years with proper upkeep. Robust hardwoods are known for their durability and resistance and can last up to 50 years with regular maintenance. Consider the pros and cons of each material and select the best one so that you invest smartly.

Maintain the Deck Regularly

Regardless of the decking material you choose, you will have to maintain it regularly to make it last for some many years. So, whether you have replaced boards of your existing deck or have had a complete deck construction, you must maintain it. Start from repairing the flaws and defects as and when they appear. Next, seal the wooden and composite decks with a waterproof sealant every 2-3 years. Select a sealant that provides effective resistance against moisture and also matches with the color of your deck to enhance its appearance from time to time. A good sealant will protect your deck from the harshest of elements and weathers, thus, preventing it from weathering prematurely.

Clean the Deck Often

Another part of deck maintenance is cleaning it thoroughly from time to time. Depending on the material you have, your deck might need a cleanup quarterly or annually. Start by sweeping away all the leaves and other debris. If you have a vinyl or composite deck, you can clean with water and detergent or deck cleaners. Deck cleaners come in bleach and non-bleach formulas. For pressure treated to hardwoods, you must gently wipe the deck and remove every particle of dirt and dust. During summers, you can use the non-bleach cleaners and water to clean your wooden deck. But make sure the surface dries up without leaving behind any traces of moisture.

Protect the Deck

No matter how old or new your home deck is, you must always protect it from common external elements. Make sure you keep any sharp object or use any pointed tool on your deck. Such items can cause permanent scratches on the deck surface which may further lead to structural damages. In fact, such items can also damage the sealant and stain layers and allow moisture and harsh weather conditions to ruin your deck. Moreover, if you choose to place a grill on your home deck, always use a grease catcher so that grease doesn’t accumulate directly on the deck surface. Additionally, if you choose to place planters or potted plants on your deck, place them on cement blocks to prevent dirt and moisture from becoming trapped on the surface.

Is your home deck on the verge of failure? Are you looking for ways to make it last long? Or are you planning to opt for complete deck construction? In either case, call our deck construction and renovation experts for complete home decking assistance.


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