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Signs That You Need A New Deck

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

A deck connects the indoors to the outdoors of a house and is a hub for social gatherings or events. A damaged deck can bear potential dangers and lead to accidents. Hence, it is essential to upgrade it when necessary. Knowing the signs of a bad deck can help you prevent hazards. And, once you identify the poor condition of the deck, you can consult a deck construction service and resolve the problem as soon as possible. Here are a some signs and things you can do to identify a damaged deck.

Check the Flooring

The flooring of a deck is the most prone to damage. Here are a few signs that the flooring of your deck is damaged:

Splintering of the wood

Softened or rotten texture of the material

Fading or sanding irregularities in the wood finish

Cupping of the surface due to moisture

Expansion of the panels leading to fractures

Abnormal gaps between the boards indicating shrinking due to excessive dryness

Infestations by insects

Accumulation of dirt and other debris in the gaps between the boards

The damage can worsen if the deck isn’t appropriately maintained or examined at regular intervals. It is advisable that such signs be taken care of as soon as they are noted.

Analyze the Posts

The posts are the supporting structures for a deck. They connect the flooring to the ground, acting like pillars, especially for elevated decks. While the upper end of a post is not exposed to disintegrating factors, the lower ends are highly prone to damage due to many elements. The posts are dug a few feet into the ground, but without proper drainage water can accumulate around it and start to decay the wood. Splintering of the wood grain, shrinking in the size on being exposed to extreme dryness, and organic factors like the insects, worms, and other rodents eat into the wood, thinning it down. The dirt and the soil can also lead to the rotting of the wood. This affects the connection with the pier at the bottom. To check for such signs, just poke the wood with a sharp tool. If the wood shows no resistance and lets the tool sink in, it is probably time to call up deck construction services.

Examine the Joists

The joists are the parallel structures that run under the flooring to provide additional support. These areas of the deck usually go unnoticed while examining for unhealthy signs. Collection of debris and dust while cleaning the flooring, decay due to the seeping of water, bowed sections in the wood due to moisture, holes in the surface caused by insects and other bugs, cracking and splitting of the joists due to excessive pressure are all the signs of your deck needing immediate attention.

A couple of other factors to examine for damaged decks are loose ledgers, weak beams or panels, rickety railings, rusty metal connections at joints, a wobbly concrete pier at the bottom, and a worn-out roofing structure. Deck construction services can be consulted in any such cases to provide a remedy. If your deck is still in a good condition, then reading how to make your deck last longer can help you improve its lifespan.


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