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Pressure Treated Or Composite For Your Deck?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Are you looking for a reliable, long-lasting, and cost-effective material for your deck? Selecting the right material for your deck is one of the crucial steps when it comes to deck remodeling or complete home renovation. With so many materials available in the market, choosing the right one for homes deck can be a challenge. People are often confused between two of the most commonly used decking materials – pressure treated (PT) lumber and modern composite. Here are some details about pressure treated lumber and composite decking materials:

Pressure Treated Lumber

CompositeCompositionPressure treated lumber is nothing but high-quality wood treated with chemicals in industrial settings.Composite is made from recycled plastic and wood chips or sawdust along with binding agents.LongevityPressure treated decks survive up to 15 years with proper maintenance.Composite decks can survive for 20-25 years with medium upkeep.DurabilityPressure treated lumber doesn’t get corroded, but it isn’t fungus and mold resistant. Hence, it needs to be coated with anti-moisture chemicals. Although it is a tough material, PT can also warp, crack, or split with time.Composite doesn’t get corroded and is moisture-resistant. Composite, in some cases, can crack with time. But the material doesn’t warp, expand, contract, or split for decades.LookPressure treated lumber provides a rich and elegant appearance of rustic wood.Composite lack the look of natural wood grain.FeelPressure treated decks don’t heat up or become too cold during extreme weather conditions. Thus, it is comfortable on feet.Composite decks don’t heat up during summers but can become too cold during extreme winter.CustomizationPressure treated decks are highly customizable. They can be stained and painted with an array of colors.Composite decks are pre-colored in quite a few colors. They cannot be stained or painted for further customization.MaintenancePressure treated decks need to be sealed and coated with chemicals for weather-resistance and protection.Composite decks are practically maintenance-free.CleaningPressure treated decks need occasional cleaning. They can be swept or wiped with a dry cloth.Composite decks can be cleaned with water and mild detergent as and when needed.PricePressure treated lumber is the least expensive of all the decking materials./td>Composite is usually more expensive than pressure treated.WorkingPressure treated lumber is an easy-to-use material which can be cut and bolted without efforts.Composite too is an easy-to-work-with material.

Choosing from pressure treated lumber and composite can be tricky. But if you know exactly what you want from your deck, you can surely make the right choice. If you still have any queries or wish to get a quote for your home deck, call our home renovation experts.


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