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When Do I Need a Deck Renovation? Tell-Tale Signs to Look Out For

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

One of the best ways to expand your living space is by having a deck so you and your loved ones can enjoy lounging in the outdoors. Just like any part of your home, your deck needs some proper maintenance here and there. But if you forget to give it some tender love and care, you might have to deal with damages and repairs that could lead to building a new deck.

Deck renovations aren’t a piece of cake. Although you can attempt to do this on your own, it’s much better to leave this project to the hands of aprofessional deck builder.

However, it can be tricky to determine when your deck needs a renovation or if it merely requires minor repairs. If you’re not sure about getting your deck replaced, here are some signs that say you need a deck renovation pronto.

Sign #1: Wobbly Decks

Have you ever experienced walking on your deck, and it starts to wobble when you walk on them? Or do you notice that it gives a little when it sustains light foot traffic? If that’s the case, you’re deck needs some work and may need to be replaced.

Sign #2: Obvious Wood Damage

In most cases, deck damage is visible and relatively easy to spot. Some common forms of damage that you may find that screams “Deck renovation!” are water damage, wear-and-tear wood damage.

Water damage ruins the quality of your wood boards and gives them spongy quality, making it the perfect breeding ground for mould. Other damages such as wear and tear are from years of use and even termite-related issues that need fixing right away.

Sign #3: You Notice Leaks and Stains

If you’re experiencing notable leaks in a deck that is is supposed to be water tight, even with light rain, you need to remedy this issue immediately. Leaks, at first can seem harmless but will lead to major damage in the future.

Faded decks are a sign that they could use another coat of stain. This happens when your deck’s sealants have worn off due to constant exposure to UV rays and other environmental factors.

These damages can ruin the aesthetics of your yard, so having your deck refinished is key to a visually appealing exterior.

Sign #4: Your Deck Is Old

Age is a major factor that contributes to the condition of your deck. Decks usually last for 10 to 25 years with proper maintenance. And since decks are often made out of wood, you may need to do some repairs from time to time.

Without proper maintenance, you’ll lower the lifespan of your deck, and you may need to replace it sooner than you think. For this reason, having your deck inspected by a professional home renovation contractor will help you determine if your deck needs some quick repair work or if a full renovation should be on its way.

Sign #5: The Seasons Are Changing

The changes of seasons bring a range of problems that can affect your deck. These environmental changes and temperature drops can contribute to the damage your deck sustains. Because of this, it’s best to check your deck for damage and have it renovated if you think it won’t last through a season.

The Bottom Line: Perform Maintenance as Soon as You See Signs of Deterioration

Because you and your loved ones will spend a lot of time on a nice deck, you need to ensure that it’s safe for them to be there. By keeping these signs in mind and working with reliable home renovation contractors, you’ll be able to make prompt decisions and keep your deck looking good as new, elevating the overall aesthetics of your home.

Are You Looking for Credible Home Renovation Contractors?

Deck projects can be significant and time consuming, and for this reason, you need to work with a reliable and skilled team that could handle this meticulous and laborious job.

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